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Welcome to Montreal's MediumWave, FM, Shortwave and TV DX Page.

This site is for promoting the Radio hobby, especially, AM, FM, TV Dxing and also Shortwave radio.

You will find information on all of those type of radio listening and also tips to help you join in on the fun too !

Sporadic E alerts will also be updated regularly, anyone near the Montreal, Quebec, Canada area can visit and try if conditions are right to listen to FM and TV stations many thousand miles away if Sporadic E shows up !

Don't forget to write us

Please take time to write me at the address below to share your comments, suggestions and loggings for the Montreal Logbook.

If demand is there, I can add logbooks for different parts of the world, europe, usa, south america, asia, australia. Just ask and send in your loggings !

This page is updated as often as possible, but due to my restricted schedule, it can take anywhere from a few hours up to 24 hours for changes to take effect.

About Me

My name is Gilles Letourneau, I am a radio hobbyist and have been for more than 20 years.

I received my first radio in August of 1982 , a General Coverage Realistic DX-100, and became hooked to radio listening and Dxing.

My shortwave receivers include: Kenwood R-5000 tabletop, Realistic DX-398 Portable, Grundig FR-200 Crank and Mini world 100PE.

My Other radios: Realistic PRO-2006 tabletop, Radio shack PRO-92 Truking handheld scanner, Realistic TRC-432 CB Transceiver and a Super Radio III for AM and FM DX and a 27 Inch Sony TV for TV Dxing.

Comments and Suggestions

Please write for comments and/or suggestions. You can also submit your loggings if you are in Montreal area!

If you are from anywhere in the world, send in your loggings too! they will be put in a special section for your part of the world.